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A diabetic diet meal plan guides the patient regarding how much and what sort of diet they should follow at snack and meal time. You’ll find a number of exciting recipe books especially written for diabetics nowadays. It can be worth the extra effort to follow a special diabetic diet meal plan for many patients.

Patients of diabetes always have to be extra careful about what they eat so that their medications and insulin balance out their meals. They also need to exercise regularly to help control their level of blood glucose.

Now, it might sound very complicated. However, with the encouraging support and advice from your dietitian or doctor, you can help invent a diabetic food plan that suits your body perfectly. Every time you make a healthy choice with food, you are contributing to your overall longevity and health. You are also helping yourself to avoid future conditions like cancer and heart disease.

Sample Diabetic Diet Meal Plan

Calories: 1600
Carbohydrate Content: 220 grams
Extra Notes: Take 2 glasses of water (each 8-oz) with every meal.

One slice of whole-wheat bread (toasted)
One teaspoon of margarine
Quarter cup of cottage cheese or egg substitute
Half a cup of oatmeal
Half a cup of skimmed milk
Half a banana (small)

One cup of vegetable soup
Four to six crackers
One apple (small)
One sandwich (1-oz turkey, 1-oz cheese(low-fat), 2-slice bread(whole-wheat), 1 tsp mayonnaise)

4-oz chicken breast (broiled with oregano and basil on it)
Two third cup of brown rice (cooked)
Half a cup of carrots (cooked)
One small dinner roll (whole-grain)
One teaspoon of margarine
Salad (tossed) plus 2 tbsp salad dressing (low fat)
One slice angel food cake (small) or four apricot halves (canned and unsweetened)

Snack Items
Please note that every snack enlisted below contains fifteen grams of carbs or sixty calories. Only choose 2 for each day
Three Cups of Fat-free Popcorn
Half a Cup of Chocolate Pudding (Sweetened Artificially)
Sixteen Tortilla Chips (fat-free) Plus Salsa
One Ounce of String Cheese and a Small Fruit Portion

As you follow your diabetic diet, you will need to bear in mind that no one food is ‘perfect.’ The key is to include a wide range of foods, control your portion sizes, and stick to eating healthy whenever possible. Another thing is that you should ensure your choices of every food group supply you with the nutrients and minerals of the best quality available. What that means is that you must choose those foodstuffs that are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber rather than those that have been processed.

As a diabetic, you can, in fact, indulge in all the delicious foods that your family loves to eat. Every human being can benefit a lot from eating healthy. Therefore, the entire family may participate in eating healthy. It may take some careful planning at first. However, with persistence and determination, you can find a way to include all your most-loved dishes into your diabetic meal plan, while maintaining you blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

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