Patients of diabetes are often recommended by a dietitian to follow a specially tailored diabetic diet food list to help keep their diabetes in control. The dietitian you visit will asses your individual blood sugar level and other nutritional requirements to calculate a suitable amount for total calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates that should be present in your diet every day.

This information is then used to put together a list of recommended foods and amounts that you, as a diabetic patient, can consume with your regular diet. Typically, the daily amount of calories should consist of carbohydrates to a maximum of sixty percent, proteins up to twenty percent, and fats not over thirty percent. Furthermore, saturated fats should occupy only ten percent or less of the diet.

Common foods included in a diabetic diet are those with the following qualities:
-Low GI Foods (Glycemic Index). These do not invent rapid troughs and peaks in your level of blood sugar.

-Fatty Acid Omega 6. This protects the body against occurrence of neuropathy due to diabetes. Foods like borage, primrose and blackcurrant oil contain this.

-Synthetic Sweeteners. This refers to sweeteners like saccharin and aspartame.

-Omega 3 – This prevents hardening in the arteries. Tuna, herring, mackerel, and salmon are some of the cold water fish that contain this.

-Complex Carbohydrates High in Fiber. Scientific research has shown that a high level of dietary fiber in the diet can help protect from diabetes. This is due to the fact that fiber reduces the rate of absorption and digestion of the carbohydrates. This improves tissue sensitivity to insulin. As a result, a raise in level of blood glucose is prevented. Foodstuff like legumes, dried beans, cereals, oats, lentils, vegetables, and fruits are high in fiber.

Things to Avoid:
– Simple and refined carbohydrates. This includes glucose, fructose, white rice, table sugar, honey, sweets, white bread, etc.
– Items high in fat
– Excess of sodium. An example of this is the level present in salty fish.
– Alcohol

Foods to be Eaten and be Avoided When on A Diabetic Diet

How do you choose foods for a diabetic?


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