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BMI and Diabetes: Using the BMI Calculator to Measure General Health What is BMI? BMI or Body Mass Index is simply a measure of the proportion of your height versus your weight. This is used by doctors and fitness specialists to determine the general health of a person. The BMI has a scale of 13 […]

It is always a joy for an expectant mother to nurture her child in her womb. Therefore, it is not a surprise that she will experience frequent hormonal adjustments every now and then. However, danger lurks because pregnant mothers can contract gestational diabetes due to their elevated blood glucose levels. All females will experience hormonal […]

Managing A 1200 Calorie Diabetic Diet “”Xuong Go Dai Phat Chuyen: Thiet Ke Quan Cafe – Thiet Ke Quan Tra Sua “” Diabetes is a long term and chronic condition, which may sound morbid, but with all the advancements in health today, diabetes mellitus is actually considered a very manageable condition. There are basically three aspects […]

Managing A 1200 Calorie Diabetic Diet Diabetes Mellitus may sound complicated at first, and although the overall condition is, it is also highly manageable. A 1200 calorie diabetic diet is a step in the right direction. With a balanced combination of exercise, diet and medication, diabetes and your weight can be kept under control. One […]